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Noise level during Deepawali festivals

SPCB Sikkim has been monitoring the noise level at major town locations. The noise level monitored at Titanic Park, Gangtok has been within permissible limits as per the noise level data before and during Deepawali festival. It is attributed to the fact that most people have refrained from using firecrackers and the collective initiative taken by the general public and the State government to reduce air pollution has been successful. The prohinition on bursting of firecrackers in the State has considerably improved the ambient air quality of the State. The noise level monitored during Deepawali festival from 2014 onwards shows decline in noise level after implementation of firecracker ban in the entire State with effect from December 2014.

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Noise Level and AQI Monitoring Data during Deepawali Festival

Picture: SPCB Sikkim campaigns for clean and green diwali (2021)